BCP Car Care

All Purpose Cleaner

BCP Car Care banner£19.99
BCP Crystal Wax

Probably the best synthetic wax we have ever used to date! This very durable high active ceramic wax contains more than meets the eye! Combining the powerful ceramic resins and binders found in the Crystal coating we have blended in an extremely high melting point technical mixture of modified polyethylene, Flourine derived polymer which is loosely related to PTFE and 2 solid Si02 polymers to create this masterpiece. This wax has a high resistance to detergents and is completely unaffected by temperatures, making it an ideal winter protection wax. A 100ml pot will cover 17 vehicles.

Citrus Pre-Wash

Effective Pre-Wash

Concentrated Formula

Citrus Based Deep Cleaner

Cyclone Superfoam£2.00£32.00
Deep Wheel Cleaner

Non Acidic

Dilutes up to 9-1

Emulsifies Wheel Dirt

Glass Cleaner

Fast Evaporation

Smear-Free Finish

Removes Bugs and Dirt

Glow Detail Spray

Ceramic Infused Formula

Super-Hydrophobic Finish

Extreme Durability

Iron & Fallout Remover

Extra Cling

Extreme Reaction

Extraordinary Decontamination

Leather Cleaner£2.00£29.00
Microfibre Wash Mitt - Blue

High quality Microfibre wash mitt made from ultra fine microfibre that is super soft and perfect for use on all areas of the vehicle. The microfibre wash mitt offers superior cleaning ability with extra deep pile microfibre strands and coupled with a thick foam core it is able to hold maximum levels of shampoo suds, making for a super safe wash routine. The microfibre wash mitt is fitted with an elasticated cuff for a comfortable grip whilst in use.

Pure Shampoo

Luxurious Suds

pH Neutral

Sample Set Box£25.00
Sleek Interior Dressing

Silicon Free

Trim & Tyre Gel

High Performance Dressing

Typhoon Superfoam

Extreme Snow Foam