CleanCar Coatings RIM 50 ml – HARD WHEEL COATING


Durability:  1 layer – up to 2 seasons

Thickness:  up to 3 – 4 um

Contact Angle: 100°

Volume: 50 ml

Consumption: 10 ml / 1 layer / 4 rimes


CleanCar RIM, a specially formulated coating for your wheels. Designed to protect your wheels from not only dirt and other road grime, but also from the harmful dust generated by brake pads and braking compounds.

This coating is designed to withstand high temperatures and metallic oxidization, while at the same time restoring the wheels gloss, covering micro-scratches, and making them easy to clean.

The ultimate solution for protecting, restoring, and maintaining your wheels finish.

RIM, as the name shows, is a coating that is to be applied to painted alloy wheels. The RIM coating is a protective coating that restore the original wheels paint finish. It is specifcally formulated not to be damaged by the type of chemicals that end up on your wheels. RIM deepens and adds extra gloss to your wheels.


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