Glow Detail Spray


Ceramic Infused Formula

Super-Hydrophobic Finish

Extreme Durability

Glow Detail Spray is an Sio2 infused quick detailing spray. It offers high gloss, extreme contact angles and up to 3 months durability from a simple spray and wipe.

It can be used as a stand alone detailer, or as a top up to improve hydrophobicity on existing protection. It is safe on sealants and waxes, and can be used on plastics, glass, paint and metals.


Simply spray onto the surface, wipe and buff to give a slick and durable finish.
Important: Do not use on warm surfaces, in direct sunlight and do not allow to dry on surface, as marking may occur. Do not use on wrapped or matt surfaces.


Protect from frost. Do not allow product to freeze. Store product in ambient temperatures above 6 Degrees C and below 25 Degrees C. Exposure to severe temperatures will cause irreversible damage to the product.

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100ml, 500ml, 5L


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