Paco Rabanne One Million inspired car diffuser


How To Use:

1. Remove Outer Lid off the Ornament Bottle

2. Remove Plastic Stopper Cap from the Neck of the Bottle

3. Now Tightly Place the Lid Back on the Bottle

4. Carefully Shake the Bottle so that the Fragrance Oil Soaks the Wood Inside the Diffuser (DO NOT Tilt Upside Down)

5. Repeat Shaking the Bottle Frequently (Daily) so that the Fragrance is absorbed within the Wood of the Diffuser



Hang the diffuser upright at all times. Heat from your vehicle and the sun causes the wooden lid to expand as it absorbs the oil – works best in warm conditions. Adjust the string to prevent the diffuser from striking the windshield. If spillage occurs make sure it is wipe immediately with a moist absorbent cloth.

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Paco Rabanne One Million inspired oil with new Smoked Black design.


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