Typhoon Superfoam


Extreme Snow Foam

Typhoon Superfoam is a deep cleaning, high foaming formulation. It is a no-touch cleaning product which is economical to use and generates ultra thick, clinging foam. Its high pH, high oak formulation will safety and effortlessly remove: ingrained dirt, traffic film, bugs and more.


Dilute Typhoon Superfoam 1 part product to 10 parts water for a thick blanket of foam. Dilute 1 part product to 25 parts water for a thinner foam. Apply to the vehicle using a snow foam lance. Leave to dwell for approximately 1 -2 minutes. Remove using a pressure washer.


Do not allow to dry on the surface. Take extra care when using in direct sunlight or in high temperatures. This product is not wax or LSP safe, this is a deep cleaning product. Use Cyclone Superfoam for pH neutral cleaner.

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100ml, 500ml, 5L


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